Entertainment tips for your corporate event

Entertainment tips for your corporate event

Corporate events are serious stuff. Correct? They are held by people in suits and ties, for other people in suits and ties, who like business cards, champagne and valet parking. Well, that’s certainly one way of looking at it – a slightly pre-formed way, very much influenced by the movies, and just… fails.

In fact, a corporate event can take many forms, depending on three factors: objective, audience and type/theme. And if you find, in some breach of these three factors, a way to offer entertainment that makes sense within the context of the event, you have the formula to make your event unforgettable.

Entertainment tips for your corporate event, to help you in the first steps:


Bands are one of the most practical types of entertainment, because they fit into basically any form of corporate (or non-corporate) event. They animate the environment and achieve excellent results in making participants more comfortable to interact, which is essential in most corporate events.

To do something even more refined, you can adapt the style of the band to one of the factors we mentioned above: the objective of the event, its type / theme and, of course, the tastes of the public.

Electronic toys

For any event with male participants between the ages of 0 and 40, electronic toys will be an excellent attraction on their own. Flip operas, autoramas, last generation video games, among others. But with a world full of technology – that appeals to basically anyone – and with a little creativity to relate the toy to the theme of the event, you can go even further.

One feature that is becoming popular is to create a game that evokes a product, something that encourages people to use their whole body (in the style of recognition features like Kinect) and thus effectively engage participants in the activity.


A more passive type of entertainment, but also easy to fit together. Cartoonists are a good way to keep guests interested for a shorter period of time.

And one of the most interesting aspects of this attraction is that it offers the participant something physical to take home, that keeps alive the memory of the event and that can also serve – in cases where it is relevant – as a way to promote or reaffirm the brand / product.


Among the various types of shows, one of those that are currently on the rise are the stand up humour shows. Fortunately, this is the kind of show that can use almost any theme as material.

This makes it very well suited to a variety of corporate events-from in-house staff training to a convention or congress. And an extra advantage is that because of this very high degree of adaptability, most people are able to create a personal connection to the show it’s a guarantee of success.


Still in the category of shows, for some time the magicians were left aside – and became synonymous with low quality entertainment. However, with the emergence of great illusionists who had prominence in the media, they returned to receive attention. Nowadays, magic shows are more dynamic and can be adapted to include a dose of humor, dance or other elements.

Improvisation Theatre

To close the category of shows, we have a special suggestion. The improvisational theater offers the opportunity to entertain and, at the same time, make the audience aware of what happens in the corporate environment.

A show consists of the staging, without preparation or rehearsal, of situations raised by the audience. In internal events, such as trainings, it can be used as a tool to identify and work – in a lighter and more sensitive way – situations of the company.

Sports workshops

One way to shake up the event a little is with sports. And instead of simply offering the company’s traditional football game, how about innovating? It is possible to experience different sports with professional guidance, through sports workshops.

Sports such as tennis, mini-golf, archery, dance or martial arts are a good opportunity to entertain everyone, get them out of their comfort zone and even teach them something that is relevant to the theme of the event – from the importance of the discipline to the importance of not taking everything so seriously.


Tasting is an activity that basically appeals to everyone because it involves getting to know and experiencing something new and, well… food. Or drinking. But be careful, because while it’s an entertainment that works – that is, people like it – it fits the profile of fewer events. This means that you may be organizing an activity that, while it’s interesting and fun, in practice doesn’t add as much value to your event as another could.

Tasting sessions fit well for corporate events of companies in the tourism segment, hotels, event organization, professional buffets, and of course, for the companies that produce the food or drink in question.

Photo Booth

An attraction similar to the cartoonist’s, which can be available throughout the event, but which entertains each participant for a shorter period of time (remembering that they can enjoy it at different times, separately).

This makes it interesting for events where people come and go, such as fairs or graduations – not so much for those who are on a fixed schedule as for training. The booths are automatic, and allow people to enter with their friends, take fun photos and take home a souvenir of the event.

Quick massage

Organizing a fair, exhibition or convention? For any event where, typically, participants stay for long enough, there are many people and a certain level of tiredness is involved – quick massage is an excellent entertainment option. Quick massage allows participants to receive a relaxing massage session lasting a few minutes – probably no more than ten minutes.

Massages can be offered by professionals or through automatic chairs. This entertainment option may not serve as an outreach to the organizing company, but it will keep participants more relaxed and receptive to enjoy the remainder of the event. As a bonus, it is an excellent way to attract people to your stand.

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