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Gilberto Gomes Barbosa


Eis ai tua mae Comunity
(Obra de Maria).

Native of State of Pernambuco – Northeast Brazil, born on April 12th, 1968, in Surubim town, in a place called “Boca de Dois Rios” (Two Rivers’ Mouth).

In 1983, he lived with a relative in Recife and, in 1985, he had his first contact with Charismatic Catholic Renewal.

He met his wife, Alzira Maria (Zizi), through a friend who worked at a Religious Institute, in which Alzira used to live and work with children.

They got married in February 10th, 1990, and today they have three daughters: Débora, Daniele and Maria Raquel. Together, they are one more family in the Life Comunity.

He has a degree in Phylosophy and Theology by Theological School of St. Benedict Monastery in Olinda-PE, Clinical Psychoanalyst and Post-Graduated in Psychoanalysis.

He is an active member of Charismatic Catholic Renewal.

He participates in the Organization of the Brazilian Delegations for several internacional meetings of Charismatic Catholic Renewal.

He is a member of AILA (ALIA – Arts and Literature International Academy).

He is president of the Catholic Fraternity.

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