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The advantages of broadcasting your event in streaming format

Getting a good user experience is practically one of the main objectives we seek when organizing events. Within the audiovisual world, the retransmission of an event through the streaming format has become an effective resource as it offers a large number of advantages and helps us to be closer to achieving satisfaction from an increasingly demanding audience.

Before you know its advantages… what exactly is Streaming?

It is the technology that allows us to see audiovisual content – audio or video – from the Internet, but without downloading it. In the case of events that take advantage of this format, these are retransmitted and users from their computer or mobile device can follow in real time what happens.

Greater diffusion

One of the main advantages is the impact we can achieve. The event is no longer exposed only to the attendees, but all Internet users with a simple click can virtually transport to the event and experience it.

They will even be able to comment and share their reactions with other users. With this, the percentage of audience is going to be greater and, consequently, a greater exposure of our brand to the world.

Brand Differentiation

Without a doubt, betting on the broadcasting of our event with this type of format represents a clear differentiation with respect to our competition. Festivals, large organisations and the media are the ones that use this technology to a large extent and little by little the smaller companies are joining this trend, after seeing the profitability and the benefits they end up bringing to our identity.

The benefits are not only shown by the subsequent analysis of the event at a quantitative level, but also have a positive impact on brand perception, that is, how our current and potential audiences perceive us.

An event without access limits

Although we already know how our message can reach the minds of millions of people using the streaming format – and with a good prior strategic planning of the event – it can be said that this form of broadcasting not only benefits us, but also the users.

  • No matter the geographical limits, simply have access to the Internet.
  • You will save the costs of having to travel to the place of the event.
  • We don’t limit content to a small audience, everyone can hear us.

Create parallel speeches

Users do not always pay 100% attention during the entire duration of our event and sometimes it is possible to lose feedback. But the streaming format allows us to add new conversation spaces parallel to the event itself so that Internet users remain active and even participate in question shifts or debates of the physical event by means of chats, comments in social networks, questions that they can send to the speakers…

Now that you know the main advantages of broadcasting a streaming event, all that’s left to do is take action. Tell us how you would like to make it happen and our team of professionals at Catholic Fraternity will help you get your message across to a large audience.

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